Front Office: Scheduling

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The Scheduling module menu contains the following items:

Calendar (S.C) – View the schedule of Jobs in the form of a calendar. Work Orders, working hours, vacations and other information can be displayed.

Work Orders (S.W) – Create new Work Orders and manage existing ones.

Operation Details – (S.OD) View operational details for all Work Orders.

Work Crews (S.CR) – Manage work crews.

Jobs (S.J) –Manage jobs and tie Work Orders to jobs.

Recurring Work Orders (S.RW) –Enable automatic creation of Work Orders on a pre-defined schedule.

Mobile Work OrderCreate Work Orders from a mobile device.

Dispatch (S.D) –View Work Orders, scheduling, assets, employees, crews, and maps.

TrackingTrack a work order assigned to an employee.

ReportsPrint Work Order Schedule Report (list of Work Orders with statuses). Data is exported to Excel or Adobe Reader before printing.