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Track unlimited work history of all jobs and services for each of your customers, job sites, and properties.

The original work order is classified by date range e. g.  Today, This Week, Last Week, This Month, Last Month, This Year, Last Year, This Quarter, Last Quarter, Last 7 Days, Last 14 Days, Last 30 Days, Last 60 Days, Last 90 Days, Last 100 Days, Last 12 Months, Next 7 Days, Next 14 Days, This Fiscal Year, Last Fiscal Year:

tracking3Date Range Screen


Or select calendar by date range:


You can automatically create a map feature for work order and service request records for an employee:

tracking1Tracking screen

You can view four types of maps:

  • Google Hybrid: You can view  your work orders in satellite images with labels. Google Hybrid is a combination of Google Roadmap and Google Satellite.

google hybridGoogle Hybrid Screen

  • Google Roadmap: You can view the route of the Work Orders in this map.

trackingGoogle Roadmap Screen

  • Google Satellite: You can view your work orders in a map with real images of Earth collected by satellites in real time.

google satelliteGoogle Satellite Screen

  • Google Terrain: You can view the route of the Work Orders in the World Map.

google terrainGoogle Terrain

Tracks a work Order

  1. Click on any employee in the drop down list and choose the Date Range.
  2. Your results appear in the screen.


tracking2Tracks a Work Order Screen

Tracking for Mobile App

Use the Radar Screen to view Nearby Assets.

The Assigned Assets are identified with Purple Pyramids and  the unassigned assets with Gray Pyramids:

tracking-mobile-app-01Nearby Assets Screen

Tracks an Asset

  • Search an Asset:

Create an asset
Assign an Asset Screen

  • Choose an Asset from the list:

asset details
Asset Details Screen

  • Assign an Asset:

asset created
Asset Assigned Screen

  • The Tracking Mobile App assign a Beacon:

tracking-mobile-app-04Assigning Beacon screen

  • The Tracking Mobile App reports the assignment as successful:

tracking-mobile-app-05Notification screen

  • The Purple Pyramid pops up with the Settings wheel (see image below):