General Questions

How will I know the system will work for my business?

At no charge we will meet set up a demo that is specific for your type of business and the services you provide.  We can even load the system with some of your data so you can see it in action.

In addition you can sign up for a free trial!  See for more details.

How much does OFS PRO cost?

You will be pleasantly surprised on how our system is comparatively inexpensive to operate. It can be purchased as a one-time license or as a monthly subscription. Contact us for more details.

How long does the training take?

Of course it depends on the number of users, but can be accomplished very quickly. The program is simple to use and we will develop a training plan that is customized for your organizational size and needs.

Who owns my data and where is it stored?

OFS PRO can be deployed as a cloud-based solution or can be installed as an on-premise solution to operate within your environment, on your servers. Either way OFS PRO can be integrated with other any applications you are using including Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, Quickbooks, etc.

Does OFS PRO work with my accounting or ERP system?

Yes! OFS PRO is designed to integrate with your accounting or ERP system for billing and payroll functions, and its open architecture makes other integration points possible as well.

What size organization can OFS PRO support?

OFS PRO is simple enough to work for smaller service providers yet is scalable to thousands of users. Large companies with multiple business units and multiple service lines are supported. Configuration of each service type allows providers with different requirements for each to all use the same system.

What is the difference between your system and others?

Our system is not just a software program. It is a process improvement designed by experienced service professionals taking into account key business objectives including the voice of the customer.