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The Calendar window is a highly searchable and filterable schedule system, making it easy to keep track of internal and external Work Orders, Employees’ schedules and requested time off, etc.

The default view for the calendar will show the current week. You can choose to display orders by day, week, or month by clicking the respective columns on the left-hand side of the search pane.

You can choose to display any date from the past or future by selecting it on the “Start Date” drop-down. From Week or Month views, you can right-click on an empty area of the Calendar window to select “Go to This Day” (opens the selected date in Day view) or “Go to Today” (returns you to the week/month view with the current date in the upper left part).


Calendar Window in Week View

Within Week and Month views, you can easily view more information about a particular Work Order by hovering the cursor within its colored entry. (On Day view, this information is displayed within the entry.)

Within Day and Week views, you can hover over the icons on the bottom-left corner of the entry to view assigned Assets (truck icon) and Employees (hard hat icon).


Helpful Calendar Tooltips

Open any Work Order directly from the calendar by either double-clicking its entry or right-clicking it and selecting “Open”. (Right-clicking “In Progress” Work Orders also enables a quick “Take Over” feature.)

If you have the privileges assigned to your user, you can even change the date of a Work Order in Pending status by clicking and dragging the entry to a different day.

Include Proposals

The user has the option of showing available Proposals on the Calendar by clicking the “Include Proposals” checkbox.

Only those proposals identified with a “Proposal ” status will show up in the screen and will be highlighted in gray.

Include a proposal from the Calendar

Color By Status

The color of a Work Order represents its current status:

In Progress

“Incomplete” and “Canceled” Work Orders do not appear on the Schedule Calendar.