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Located at Front Office>Scheduling>Calendar path, the Calendar window is a highly searchable and filterable schedule system making it easy to keep track of internal/external Work Orders and Proposals. Users can choose to display Work Orders and Proposals by week, month, quarter or a Custom Range by clicking the buttons on the right-hand side of the search pane.

Users can also choose Work Orders and Proposals from their status to be displayed in the Calendar.

Calendar 1

When hovering over a Work Order the following information will be displayed: WO#, Client, Well Name, Area, Status & Resources Assigned. When hovering over a Proposal the following information will be displayed: Proposal #, Client, Location, Area & Status. When a Proposal has a Coiled Tubing Service Type the additional fields are displayed: PBTD, CT Size and CoF.

Within Work Orders and Proposals, users can hover over the icons on the bottom to view assigned Assets (truck icon) and Employees (hard hat icon).

Calendar 2
Open any Work Order or Proposal directly from the calendar by either double-clicking its entry or right-clicking it and selecting “Open”. (Right-clicking “In Progress” Work Orders also enables a quick “Take Over” feature.)

If you have the privileges assigned to your user, you can even change the date of a Work Order in Pending status by clicking and dragging the entry to a different day.

Color by Work Order or Proposal Status

Proposal, Proposal Draft or Proposal Lost Grey
Work Order Pending Orange
Work Order In Progress Green
Work Order Completed Pink
Work Order Ready Purple
Work Order Cancelled Grey
Work Order Incompleted Light Grey

“Closed” Work Orders do not appear on the Schedule Calendar.

Additional features for Coiled Tubing Service Type Work Orders

For the Coiled Tubing Service Type Work Orders there is an option to update quickly some fields using a Content menu option. The data fields are BHA provider, FB provider, Plug type and WHP.

Calendar 3

For the Proposal with Service Type Coiled Tubing there is an indicator to identify easily various CT sizes. The indicator color  is located at the top of the Proposal window.

Calendar 4

There is a new option of visualization of Work Orders and Proposals status as well as the Code Legend for CT Sizes. In the main window at the top right if an user click on Toggle Legend this Legend will be displayed.

Calendar 10

Creating new Work Orders or Proposals from Calendar

There is a new feature at Calendars to create Work Order and Proposals. Placing the mouse in any empty space of Calendars and right clicking there are the options “New Work Order” at the Work Orders part and “New Proposal” at the Proposals area.

Calendar 6

Adding new assets to Work Orders and Proposals

At the Calendar view there is the option to add new assets by selecting the Work Order or Proposal and right clicking, then in the content menu there are 2 options: “Add Asset” and& “Add Asset group”. The option “Add Asset” is available for assets which have the flag “Available at Calendar” (placed at Asset Listing).

The option Add Asset group is available for any type of Work Order or Proposal, an asset group needs to be created previously from the option “Groups” from Assets menu to be listed in this option.

Calendar 7

Height of cells at calendar

When dragging the horizontal splitter line up or down, the height for cells adjusts to the display size, showing more information when the display is bigger.

Calendar 8

Drag and drop option for Work Orders and Proposals

Horizontal (moving dates), drag and drop is supported for Work Orders and Proposals. Vertical drag and drop is supported when using the option grouped by “Asset Group” to move Work Orders or Proposals from one group to the other. When using this option the assets within the group are re-assigned. Work Orders with status Closed and Completed can not be dragged (change of date or grouping).

Calendar 9