How to Use Saved Views

60 views March 9, 2016 Jason Bott 0

After getting your workspace to look just the way you want it, you wouldn’t want the layout to reset every time you clear the window or close the application. That’s why OFS PRO has recently implemented “Saved Views“.

On top of saving your window appearance for yourself, you can also share it with other users of OFS PRO within your company, and use ones which others have uploaded, ensuring the best in swiftness, efficiency, and consistency.

Let’s take the “Cleaning” filter from our article regarding “Advanced Filtering”. To save this view, simply give it a name, then press the + button to the right.

Save New View

From now on, you will be able to view the window in the same way each time! Just press the down arrow and select your chosen view from the drop-down list that appears.

To make the view public, first press the globe button to the right – the tooltip on hover reads “Toggle saving view as public” – then save the view. When the globe is blue, any saved views that you create will be visible to everyone else, and you will be able to see all previously-saved views from other users.

Global Saved Views

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