How to Filter Your Data Effectively

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Basic Filtering

Search for results in text columns by typing in the box under the column’s label. Columns with set filters are shown with a down arrow box.

Filtering “Primary Contact” Column by “J”

Columns with date/time data allow for a specialized filter. Choose to display entries from all time, from a certain date, between a given range of dates, or all entries within the current year.

Date/Time Column Data Filter

Finally, many columns include a drop-down list of every possible result within the column. This also enables showing only cells which are blank, only cells which are not blank, or you can set up an advanced custom filter (detailed below).

“State” Column Drop-Down

Advanced Filtering

Once a filter has been set, a footer appears detailing the effects of all filters currently on the grid.

Filter Footer describing Service Type filter

Click the “Edit Filter” button on the right side of the filter bar to open the Filter Editor for advanced editing.

The filter editor allows you to specify multiple fields to display, using “And”, “Or”, and “Is Not” conditional phrasing. For example, to search for uncompleted Work Orders performed in 2015 that were assigned a Job Type containing the word “clean”, it might look like the following figure:

Filter Editor displaying different And/Or/Neg options

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