Add Document

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Add Document

The Add Document screen is a pop-up window. Users can upload new documents stored here by selecting the option Search Documents:


New Document screen

To add a new document

  1. Upload a file by clicking on the Browse button and specifying the file location in the standard system window.
  2. Fill in document details:
  • Properties tab – Information about the document: Title, Description, Workspace the file belongs to, Category, Type of file and whether the file is available offline. (Only possible for files under 25 MB.)
  • Security – Assign access level for user groups that will be able to access this file.
  • Notes (optional)
  1. Click Add and save the document

Document Details Screen

After adding a document, the following functionalities become available in the Document Details window applied to the added document:


Document Details window

  • Archive – Marks the document as “Archived”. Archived documents cannot be edited. The icon in the bottom-left corner changes to “Archived”. (The status changes right away, so clicking “Update” is not necessary). “Archived” and other statuses are displayed as icons in the first column of the documents grid and the Revisions list. The “Recirculate” button will replace the “Archive” button. Properties of the document however can still be updated.
  • Recirculate – Unarchives the document so it can be edited again. The status icon changes back to “Available to Edit”. Clicking “Update” is not necessary.
  • Lock – “Archive”, “Save”, “Edit” and “Update” buttons become unavailable and the status icon changes to “Locked”. The “Unlock” button will replace the “Lock” button. The “Lock” function differs from “Archive” in that editing the document’s properties option is unavailable.
  • Unlock – Unlocks the document so the document and its properties, security settings and notes may be updated again.
  • Edit – Opens the attached file with the associated program in order to save a new version of it. The status icon “You are editing” is displayed while the file is being edited. Other users that have access to this document will also see the status icon and the file will not be available for editing by other users at that time. The “Release” button will replace the “Edit” button. Additional information on who is editing the file is available in the “Checked Out By” column of the documents grid.
  • Release – Exit from editing the document without saving. The file becomes available for editing by other users.
  • Save – Save a new version of the file. Leave a short description of version changes in the Comment field, or choose another file by specifying its location after clicking “Browse” in the “New Document Revision” window.
  • Cancel – Exit the document details window without saving.