OFS 2.2.10 Interface Changes Summary

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Location Old Method Description New Method
Front Office → Checklists → Checklist Templates Autogeneration Rules enable precise specifications regarding when a Checklist should be assigned within a Work Order.
Configuration → Setup → Approval Workflow Approval Workflow displays greater visibility of the individuals who will provide approval for the created workflow.
Many Locations interface changes5 Integrated Date and Time controls for easier data entry. interface changes6
Front Office → Scheduling → Operation Details interface changes7 Operational Detail view can be configured and saved. Additional information about assets used on the selected job can now be seen in the lower grid. interface changes8
Back Office → Assets → Categories interface changes9 Asset Categories can be assigned to a Business Unit for filtering purposes.

Images can be assigned to an Asset Category for use with a BHA.

Notes and Documents can be added to an Asset Category.

interface changes10
Back Office → Assets → Asset Listing → New Asset interface changes11 Defined asset templates are used to fill in smaller sub-parts of a new asset. interface changes12
Back Office → Assets → Asset Listing → Asset Properties interface changes13 Movement and Status changes are now visible on the respective tab.

Documents can be attached to the asset for reference and offline access.

interface changes14
Configuration → Setup → Service Types interface changes15 Job Types setup and configuration screen is now visible from the main Service Types screen. interface changes16
Configuration → Setup → Service Types → Operation Activity interface changes17 Each field required during OFS Field entry can be defined for each operational activity. interface changes18

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