How to Create a Custom Report

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OFS PRO enables the creation of custom data reports in just a few quick clicks. You can create scheduling reports, completed work order reports, asset inventory and usage reports, and more!

In order to create a report, first open any Reports screen. Reports are found under the Scheduling module, the Management module, and the Assets module.

Right-click on the report you want to create, then click “Run” (or press F9). You can filter the parameters of your report by the date range, the Business Unit, the Area of the business unit, the Account Manager that oversaw the order, and the Customer of the order.

After all your parameters are in place, click the “Run” button (or press Enter). Your report will shortly appear on screen, available for you to save as a PDF, print to your local printer, e-mail to an e-mail address, and anything else you may wish.

Completed Work Order History Report

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