Creating a New Work Order

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It’s easy to start a new Work Order in OFS Pro.

First, navigate to the toolbar in the upper-left corner. Press “File”, then hover over “New” and select “Work Order”.

The New Work Order screen will appear, with fields to fill in for each form in the Work Order. Yellow fields indicate they are mandatory in order for the Work Order to be created.

As part of OFS Pro’s user-friendly interface, details fields will automatically display or fill-in preset information as you go along.

For instance, choosing a Customer will allow you to pick between Locations with addresses already connected with the Customer.

Even if your database has hundreds of entries, it’s simple to find the one you’re looking for!

Just start typing into the combination drop-down and text field to filter by any data linked to the resource.

Next, choose the Assignments Tab along the left.

Here is where you can assign both Employees and Assets which need to be a part of your new Work Order!

Either can be added by clicking the green plus sign in the upper-right of the grid, or by right-clicking the grid and selecting “New”.

Employee Crews can be added by clicking the “Add Crews” button found near the bottom-right of the Employees grid.

Asset Groups can be added by clicking the “Add Group” button found near the bottom-right of the Assets grid.


Assign a Supervisor to your project by clicking the “…” button next to the Supervisor field.

You can sort and search for Employees in the grid in the same way as before. Easy!

Depending on the job type selected, you may have a tab to record extra details related to your project.

These aren’t mandatory to fill out, but they will appear on the final Field Ticket, and may be of use to the Employees or Customer.

Finally, the Work Order contains a Notes tab and a Documents tab.

The Notes tab allows you to input notes in plaintext, as well as upload relevant files from your hard drive.

The Documents tab allows you to attach previously-uploaded documents to your Work Order for other users to see.

Add and delete these using the same icons as the Assignments tab, or by right-clicking.

And that’s it! Select “Save & Close“, and your work order will be ready to be completed in the field.

The Supervisor assigned will be notified automatically, and will change the status to “In Progress” once work is set to begin.

The rest of the work is done for you! It’s that easy.

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