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The Checklists grid is a list of all the checklists that have been assigned to an employee, asset or job type in the application, showing important information, like status and work order.


Checklists screen

To create a new checklist, right click on the grid and select “New”.

new checklist

Checklist Details window

The second step is to select a person to be assigned responsibility, and the default status.

There are three possible statuses:

1-. Pending: the required checklist has yet to be done.

2-. In Progress: the job is in progress and the checklist will be done at any moment

3-. Completed: the checklist was performed by the assigned person or by another company employee present on the job.

Via this window you will be able to associate a checklist with a specific work order, asset number or location, and add a comment.  The last step is to select the Checklist Template.

This will show the items that will be marked as checked after the checklist has been performed.

While the assigned person is performing the checklist, each completed item, as it is done, is marked “pass” (green checkmark) or “fail” (yellow sign) by checking the boxes on each line.

Employees can also add a caption and/or a photo to each item in the checklist.

The following is an image for a completed checklist:

inspection checklist