Checklist Templates

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Checklist Template

Checklist Template is an aggregate of the Checklist Categories.

Templates provides a way to associate checklists with: Service types, Job types, and Asset categories.

checklist templateChecklist Templates screen

To create a new checklist template, right click on the grid and select ”new”.

new checklistNew Checklist Templates window

New Checklist Templates must be given a name and a type. (To create new Checklist Types, first type a name in the field, then click the plus (+) button at the right of the same field.)

Templates can be assigned to any combination of Service Types, Job Types, and/or Asset Categories.

To specify the questions or items the checklist should hold, check the boxes that apply under the Checklist Categories.

The user can require inclusion of a customer representative or a supervisor signature by marking/selecting the corresponding check-box.

If the Active checkbox is marked this template will be accessible and included on any checklist.

The internal only checkbox enables the checklist to be used without showing it to the customer.

The “Autogeneration Rules”, implemented for multi-day Work Orders, allows you to choose the point in the workflow process at which the checklists should appear. You could assign, for instance, one pre-job list (“First Day Only”), one post-job list (“Last Day Only”), and one to use each time a new stage of the Work Order has begun (“Per Stage”).