Checklist for Approval

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Preconditions for creating a Checklist for Approval

OFS Pro has the option for checklists to be set and completed before a supervisor or manager approves a Work Order. The questions are entered and modified in the Checklist Categories window:


Checklist Categories window

After a user sets the questions up in this window, the next step is to create a Checklist Template. This will integrate one or more of the checklist categories linked to the Work Order to be approved when its status changes to Ready.

for approval workflow

Checklist Template window

In the Checklist Template window, checklists are assigned to specific Assets, Service Types or Job Types for all completed Work Orders, and a user can choose options to manage checklists for options such as Customer Signature Required, Supervisor Signature Required, Internal Only, For Approval Workflow, or Active.

Checklist Approval

Users have a checklist option to approve completed work orders by selecting all of them at once or each one separately and using the select button or deselect button.

checklist1Checklist Approval screen

Checklist completion for work order approvals

All work orders can be approved, except for those with pending checklists (incomplete). Work orders with pending checklists are listed as “Pending” in the status column.

To complete the checklists do the following steps:

  • Click on the description of a pending checklist to open the checklist window.
  • Click on the checkboxes for the fields that are pending and click OK.

checklist2Checklist screen

  • If there are several pending checklists, all must be completed to be able to approve the work order.
  • When there are no checklists pending, the “Pending Checklist” field will be empty.

checklist3Pending Checklist column

  • Click the checkbox next to the work order to be approved and click on the approve button. The work order is now approved.