Maintenance Log

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Maintenance Log

The Maintenance Log grid is a read-only record of all maintenance information for assets. These are recorded during the In Progress stage of a Work Order, when you are asked if any maintenance events have occurred:

maintenance log

Maintenance Log screen

You can search by the asset’s:

  • Asset ID
  • Asset Category
  • Manufacturer
  • Business Unit
  • Area

There are three checkboxes to filter results further:

  • Hide Inactive assets – Display only information about active asset items.
  • Top Level only – Show only Asset Categories marked “Top Level”.
  • Show only Assets with Scheduled Maintenance – Hide all asset items except those scheduled for maintenance.

The list records:

  • The Top Parent ID and Top Parent Name (if the asset is part of an asset kit and is not the top level).
  • The Asset ID and Asset Name.
  • The Parent Category (if one exists).
  • The Asset Category.
  • The Percent Due (the ratio of how much the asset has been used to the target value of when the asset should next undergo maintenance).
  • The Description of the maintenance that occurred/is scheduled to occur.
  • The Estimated Date that the next predicted maintenance should occur.
  • The Value Type recorded for each particular asset (see “Asset Activities“)
  • The Last Value recorded (of the previously-defined Value Type) and Target Value (of when the asset should next be seen for maintenance).
  • The Last Service Date and Last Service Value (recorded at the last time the asset was maintained).
  • The number of the Job the asset is currently on, if any.
  • The Business Unit and Area associated with the asset.
  • The Status of the asset.