Asset Kit Templates

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Asset Kit Template

The Asset Kit Template screen enables the efficient creation of asset kits. By creating a template, multiple assets of the same type will be grouped consistently, with the same categories within the kits for each asset:

asset kit template

Asset Kit Template screen

For maximum efficiency, Asset Kit Templates can contain other templates.

In the example below, the template of “Lubricants” contains some normal Asset Category items and the item “Lubricants”, which itself contains other Asset Category items:

asset kit template 2

Asset Kit Template

If an Asset Kit Template is defined, it can be chosen from a drop-down list on the Asset Kit tab of a new Asset.

The template will fill in on two tabs: Actual and BOM (Bill of Materials).

Actual lists all the information associated with these assets, including the Asset ID, Rank, Name, Category, any Comments and the Serial Numbers.

Meanwhile, BOM simplifies the list, containing only the Item Category and the Quantity (how many assets are within each category in the kit):


BOM Grid of Asset Kit tab