Asset Kit Templates

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Asset Kit Template

In the Asset Kit Template screen a user can create new tool assemblies from predefined templates. By creating a template, multiple assets of the same type can be grouped together and used when creating a new asset.

asset kit template

Asset Kit Template screen

Assets Kit Templates have sub-components to make up an asset.

In the example below, the “Lubricants” template includes some Asset Category items, one of which is called “Lubricants” (item category), and which also includes other Asset Category items (sub-category to make up the template)

asset kit template 2

Asset Kit Template

If an Asset Kit Template is defined, it can be chosen from a drop-down list on the Asset Kit tab when creating a new Asset.

The template will show up in two tabs: Actual and BOM (Bill of Materials).

Actual lists all the information associated with these assets, including the Asset ID, Rank, Name, Category, any Comments and Serial Numbers.

Meanwhile, BOM simplifies the list, containing only the Item Category and the Quantity (number of assets within each category in the kit):



BOM Grid at Asset Kit tab