Export Customer List

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Export Customer List

Users in the Export Customer List window can export customer data to QuickBooks files.

export customer list

Export Customer List screen

Though the “Export to” function in the right-click menu allows for ordinary exporting to other formats (e.g., an Excel file), only the Export Customer List screen enables exporting of customer data to the Intuit Interchange Format (.iif) used for Intuit’s QuickBooks software.

Filtering by Export Status


“Exported” filter buttons

By default, all exported and non-exported customers are shown in the list.

View only exported customers by clicking the “Exported” radio button.

View all exported and non-exported customers by clicking the “All” radio button. Exported customers have non-empty Export Dates.

Exporting Work Orders

  1. In the Export Customer List window select the Not exported option (or All).
  2. Mark the checkbox next to the desired Customer and click on the “Export” option.
  3. Select the location where you want to save the file. Click “OK”.
  4. The Export Date for this customer is set to the current date/time.

Only customers with empty Export Dates can be exported to QuickBooks. In order to re-export already-exported customers, mark the checkboxes next to the desired customers and click the Clear Export Date button to clear the Export Date fields. Then re-export the Work Orders through the procedure described above.

If a customer with a non-empty Export Date is selected, the following warning message will show up  “Some Work Orders you selected are already exported. Please clear the export date if you want to re-export them”.

You can only export a Work Order to be invoiced if the customer associated with the Work Order has been exported first (See “Create Invoices“.)

To export multiple customers at a time, mark the checkboxes next to the customer’s name and click the Export button. Select and deselect all lines at once by choosing the Select All and Deselect All buttons respectively.