Generate & Export Invoices

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In OFSPro there are two menus related to invoices: Generate Invoices and Export Invoices. These options are found in the Accounting menu.

Generate Invoices

On the ‘Generate Invoices’ grid, users can select the ready Work Orders or Jobs with Cancelled, Completed, Ready or Closed status. One or several Work Orders can be selected from the grid.

Generate InvoicesGenerate Invoices grid

A new window will open to select the type of file to generate and the target folder to store the generated files. In the instance that more than one invoice needs to be generated, the users can choose if they want a single or multiple files (pdf or iif file) per invoice. The invoice date and the comments can both be modified. The default text in the comment field includes the associated Work Order and the Job Type. The field Invoice # is not editable, it is automatically generated by the system.

Generate Invoices aux window

Once an Invoice is generated, it will not longer be available in the ‘Generate Invoice’ grid. It will only be available in the ‘Export Invoice’ grid.

Invoice example

Invoice report

Export Invoices

Export invoices

In the ‘Export Invoices’ grid, all generated invoices are displayed. These invoices can be exported to PDF or IIF formats. Invoices cannot be edited from this grid, they can only be deleted. If an invoice needs to be modified or edited, it needs to be deleted from ‘Export Invoices’ then it will be available in the ‘Generate Invoices’ grid to edit.