Toggle footer function

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The toggle footer function is available in any module containing a grid in OFS PRO Desktop.

Selecting the Toggle footer options allows the user to identify and edit filters by clicking on the edit filter button located at the bottom right of the group footer area.

toggle footer image 1

The edit filter option allows the user to visualize the current filters and also select multiple filters at the same time.

toggle footer image 2

The following example shows how this works in the Work Orders window.

Activate the Toggle Footer option in Work Order lists

  • Click on Front Office>Scheduling>Work Orders.
  • In the Search Criteria area, start with any search.
  • Once the results are displayed, right click and select Toggle Footer or type a number on the WO# to start filtering. The group footer then displays at the bottom of the window. The results for the typed character will be displayed in the footer and the Edit Filter option will show up on the right side.

toggle footer image 3

  • Click on the edit filter button.
  • To include more options in the search, click on the blue highlighted word; several options will show up. As shown in the slide, WO# was chosen.

toggle footer image 4

  • Click on the green highlighted word to see the filter relationships available (equals, does not equal, is greater than, is less than, etc.). As shown in the slide, Contains was chosen.

toggle footer image 5

  • Another option for filtering searches is the second blue highlighted word. By clicking on this option, the user may enter a value into the field that appears. Type any number into the field.

toggle footer image 6

  • Click on the plus (+) symbol to include more filters, if needed.
  • Click on the OK button to apply these filters to the search.

toggle footer image 7

The toggle footer can be active in any module, and the function may be selected by right clicking in or by filtering any column.

Toggle footer for Basic Mathematical Functions

This function does some basic functions as:

  • Sum Function: Sum all the values of the selected column.
  • Min Function: Get the minimum value of the selected column.
  • Max Function: Get the maximum value of the selected column.
  • Count Function: Calculates the total of rows.
  • Average Function: Calculate the average of all values of the selected column.
  • None Function: Delete in the toggle footer all value existing.

toggle footer image 8

Toggle footer for Basic Mathematical Functions