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The Taskbar is oriented toward the upper-left corner of the application. It shows the following command buttons: the Start button and the Work Offline button:



Start Button –This button takes you to the main page.

Work Offline Button – You have two options:

  • Work Offline – Previously known as “Offline Mode”, this option initiates a slimmed down version of OFS Field, which now functions as a simple Work Order management wizard, and processes all data on the user’s computer. Data is synchronized with the database only by user request, or based on a schedule defined in the operating system.
  • Work Offline (Reset) – “(Reset)” clears all caches to synchronize information from scratch, whereas “Work Offline” (above) modifies from an existing cached database,  The process takes longer, but is recommended when OFS Pro updates to a newer version, or if you’re having trouble getting OFS Field to start up.