Navigation Bar

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Navigation Bar

The Navigation Bar displays a variety of tabs vertically along the left side of the window. When a tab is clicked it shows certain modules related to that tabs to its right:


Navigation Bar open to Scheduling module of Front Office tab

By default, all tabs and modules described, are visible to users with an Administrator-role. Different users can be assigned different privileges by Administrators and each role determines which module can be viewed.


The tabs represent the main branches of OFS Pro’s modular features:

  • Front Office – Contains  functions directly related to customers.
  • Back Office – Contains functions for internal  company operations.
  • CRM- The Customer relationship management (CRM) is a module that assists with practices, strategies and technologies that companies should use to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle. The goal of the module is to improve business relationships with customers, assist with customer retention and drive sales growth.
  • Configuration – Contains function that add internal resources and customize system settings.

Module Panel

The module panel simulates the Microsoft Outlook® interface , which allows for an easy transition for many businesses . The panel’s  flexible layout is has a  number of visual arrangements to suit your needs.

You can adjust the size of the available modules by dragging the Resize Divider up or down. Clicking the “Configure Buttons” tile in the corner, the “Show More Buttons” and “Show Fewer Buttons” options does the same.

If you want to hide unused modules, you can “Add or Remove Buttons” by clicking the arrow in the  lower right corner:


Module pane with focus on Add or Remove Buttons menu

When you right click on the display options,  be it in: front office, back office, CRM or configuration, this panel shows up (see above graphic).