Extending a Work Order

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The way to extend an existing work order is called Carryover.

The carryover context menu item allows you to extend the job duration by an additional day.  This is done by creating a new Work Order with the same Job Type, and with a job status of “in progress”. The program automatically adds another day to the Start Date/Time and Completion Date/Time fields.

The menu item can be found within the Calendar and Work Order grid menus by right-clicking on the selected Work Order.

The Carryover is applicable only for scheduled work orders (Status: In Progress).


Figure 1: Carryover button available from the Calendar

New Work order created from the calendar

Figure 2: New Work Order created using the Carryover button from the Calendar

Original Work Order

Figure 3: Original Work Order

Carryover Button

Figure 4: Carryover button available from the Work Orders


New Work Order

Figure 5: New Work Order created using the Carryover button