Activity Types

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Activity Types

This grid shows the list of activities in OFS Pro. Users can add, edit and delete activity types:

activity typesActivity Types Screen

Add a New Activity Type

  1. Right click and select New.
  2. Type the name of the activity type.
  3. Load an image and select OK.


activity-types21New Activity Type Screen

Edit an Activity Type

  1. Right click and select Edit.
  2. Edit the name or image.
  3. Select OK.

activity types 2Activity: Meeting Screen Edit


Add a New CRM Activity Type Result

  1. Click on: “Click here to add a new CRM activity type result”.
  2. Type a description.
  3. If follow up is required, check the checkbox: “Follow up required”.
  4. Select the number of days after which to do a follow up and select OK.

activity types 3New CRM Activity Type Result Screen