Pending Activity

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Pending Activity

This grid records all sales representative activity like phone calls, meetings, emails, mailers, handwritten notes, and meetings away from the office:

pending activityPending Activity Screen

Add a New Activity

  • Click on add a new activity.
  • Click on: “Click Here to add a New contact”:

crm-1New Activity Screen

  • Select an account and click Next:

crm-8New Contact Screen

  • Fill in the fields in yellow: first name and last name, and click Next:


  • Enter the additional information for the contact, and click Next:

decision maker

  • Click on Finish:

create new contact

  • Click on Next, select the activity and click on next again:


  • Fill in the fields in yellow and select finish, the activity will be added to the list of activities:

pending activity 2


Create a New account

  • Click on: “Click here”:


  • Fill the field in yellow and click on next:


  • Type a main phone and click on next:


  • Fill the field in yellow: Company and click on next:



  • The new account appears in the screen, and click on Finish: