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The Management module includes a Dashboard for the visualization of data:


Example of Dashboard screen displaying Quality dashboard

To select a dashboard, click the drop-down list at the top:


Dashboards drop-down menu

Clicking the icon10icon11 (left and right arrow) buttons has the same results. Clicking the  icon12 (up arrow) button will open the Navigator panel that allows similar switching between the dashboards:


Dashboards Navigator pane

The following buttons are present on either the right side of the Navigator panel or the drop-down list for dashboard selection:

icon16Zoom in on an image, click it, then click the object to enlarge on the window. This is mostly applicable to graphical widgets (dashboard components such as diagrams, graphs, meters, etc).

icon17Print the current dashboard click to open the print preview window to review and print the results.

icon18Refresh the current dashboard.

icon19Cancel zoom; appears after zooming in.

The main area of the dashboard includes graphs for the data depending on which dashboard is selected.