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This tab allows users to create, edit and delete contacts:


Manager users can view, edit and create new contacts in all accounts.
Delegate users can view and edit contacts assigned to them as delegates only. They can also create new contacts.

Create New Contact

  • Right click and select New. Fill in the required fields in yellow and click on Next:



  • Type in ¬†a Contact Level and click on Next:

create new contact

  • Enter the contact’s address information and click on Next:

contact 2

  • Click on the Finish option to add the new contact to the list:

contact 3


From this window you can Record activity, add an opportunity, or add another contact.

Edit a Contact

  • Right click and select Edit.
  • Make the desired changes and click OK.
  • The contact is added to the list with the changes.

contact edit screen 1Contact: Company Hunting Edit Screen

contacts 4List of Contacts screen