XLS Templates

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An  XLS template is a file that serves as a starting point for a new Excel document and can be edited retroactively.

The template is formatted to make it easy to add to any existing work order.

xls templates 1

XLS Templates List

xls templates 2

XLS Template Form

There are  3 types of templates:

  • Form Only: Users can preview templates but cannot print.
  • Report Only:  The preview of the template is unavailable, but it can be printed.
  • Form and Report:  Users can both preview the template in the work order and print.

Create a new Template

  1. Click on the Config> Setup>XLS Templates.
  2. Right click and select NEW.
  3. Select the Template Type: Form and Report, Form Only or Report Only.
  4. Write a description for the template in the description field.
  5. Click on the Assign Template button.
  6. Search your  XLS  template files and select the desired one.
  7. Click on the Open button.
  8. Go to  XLS Template Associations right click and select New.
  9. Select a Service Type.
  10. Select a Job Type.
  11. Click on the OK button.

The template will be available for all work orders in the Service Type and Job Type categories selected.

xls templates 3

Work Order with associated XLS Template


  Attribute Metadata
WO# ofspro.WorkOrderNo
      BusinessUnitID ofspro.BusinessUnitID
        JobTypeID   ofspro.JobTypeID
     WOI_NitrogenRequiredID ofspro.WOI_NitrogenRequiredID
       Stage ofspro.TICKETDETAIL_DETAIL.Stage
         LineNo ofspro.TICKETDETAIL_DETAIL.LineNo
          ItemCode ofspro.TICKETDETAIL_DETAIL.ItemCode
                                  Quantity                           ofspro.TICKETDETAIL_DETAIL.Quantity


Remark: XLS Does not allow cell names duplication. So if we need the same attribute several times, we should add numeric postfix or different words after the period (the number or the words itself is not important).

Example 1:

Attribute Metadata
BusinessUnitID ofspro.BusinessUnitID
      BusinessUnitID2          ofspro.BusinessUnitID.2

Example 2:

Attribute Metadata
Lookup std int ASSETCATEGORY ofspro.lookup.ASSETCATEGORY
Lookup filtered CREW_ACTIVE ofspro.lookup.CREW_ACTIVE