Service Types

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Service Types

The Service Types item can be found in the Setup module of the Configuration tab:

service type
Service Types screen

Service Types appears in the drop-down list on the General tab of the Work Order. It lists Job Type, Service Type, and whether or not the Service Type is internal.

To open the Service Types window, click Service Types in the Setup module of the Configuration menu.

This window enables the following:

  • View/Filter Service Types.
  • Create/Update/Duplicate/Delete a Service Type.

Job and Services Types

The Service Type details window includes:

  • Description – Describes job type.
  • Image – Picture associated with job type.
  • Create one Work Order per day – For Work Orders extending multiple days, checking this box will create one Work Order per day. Otherwise, one Work Order will cover all days.
  • Allow Fixed Pricing for Proposals and Work Orders – Set a fixed price for proposals and Work Orders.
  • Default Employee and Asset Hours from Operations Details – Take employee and asset hours directly from the Operation Details grid on the Work Order. If this box is not checked, hours must be entered manually.
  • Internal Only – Set a Work Order for internal use only. Used, for example, for maintenance of an asset.


New Service Type Window – Properties Tab

Tip: Manage images using the right-click menu.

services types 2

Managing Images through Right-click Menu

Job Types

Job Types appears in the drop-down list on the General tab of the Work Order. Manage Job Types by adding, editing or deleting them on the Job Types tab in the Service Types window.


“Jobs” and “Job Types” are different functions. “Jobs” are used to tie Work Orders to the same Customer, while “Job Types” are a kind of work that employees perform against Work Orders. These entities are independent. While selecting a Job Type is required for Work Orders, selecting a Job is optional.

This window enables the following:

  • View/Filter the Job Types.
  • Create/Update/Duplicate/Delete a Job Type.

The New Job Type window consists of the following:



Properties Tab

This tab details the following:

  • Job Type – Name of the new job type.
  • Certifications – Lists certifications necessary for this job type.
  • Carry over Materials Balances between Wells – Check the box to enable carry-over between wells.

Field Ticket Template


Field Ticket Template Tab

The Field Ticket template is a list of Item Master items associated with this Job Type. When a new Work Order is created, the Field Ticket is pre-filled with items based upon the Job Type chosen.

The field ticket template details include the following: #, Item, Description and Quantity.

Job Safety Analysis Categories

The Job Safety Analysis categories used in the Work Order window are customizable and depend on the Work Order’s Job Type selection. Customize them on the JSA Categories tab on the Service Type window of the service type selected for the Work Order. To access this configuration tab, navigate to the Configuration module of the main menu, click Service Types, then click the JSA Categories tab to open it.

The currently-displayed categories are shown in the data grid. To remove a category permanently, right-click the field and select Delete. Add a new category by right-clicking and selecting New. To edit a category, right-click and select Edit:

jsa categories

New Job Safety Analysis Category Window

Each category includes Questions such as: Description, Sort Order, Active.

The currently-displayed questions are shown in the data grid. To remove a question permanently, right-click the field and select Delete. Add a new question by right-clicking and selecting New.

Job Safety Analysis Steps

jsa steps

Job Safety Analysis Steps Tab

The Job Safety Analysis Steps include steps to safely complete a job. This is customizable through the configuration module. To access it, click the Configuration module, then Service Types. To customize the Service Type, open its details window and click the Job Safety Analysis Steps tab.

The currently-displayed steps are shown in the data grid. To remove a step permanently, right-click the field and select Delete. Add a new step by right-clicking and selecting New. To edit a step, right-click and select Edit:


Job Safety Analysis Step Window

The detail window includes the following details: Sort Order, Job Step, Potential Incidents or Hazards, Recommended Action or Procedure, Person Assigned To.

Custom Fields


Custom Fields – Customization Tab

The Work Order fields can be customized depending on the configuration of the Service Type used for that Work Order. Fields can be set to mandatory, not mandatory and hidden. To access the Customization tab, click the Configuration module in the main menu and click Service Types item. For the selected service type, click the Customization tab of its details window.

Each category corresponds to an area on the Work Order window. To edit a category, right-click the category and select Edit to open the Custom Fields window:


Custom Fields Window

The currently-displayed fields are shown in the data grid with checkmarks in the leftmost column. Check to display fields that are currently hidden. To hide a field, clear its checkmark.

The Required column specifies if a field is required when a new Work Order is created.

Import standard preset settings using the Import Custom Fields button. The following is an example of the menu:


Menu for Importing Custom Fields

Select a preset configuration from the list by clicking an item.