Item Master

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Item Master

The Item Master window (previously known as Price Book) is used to create and manage the prices of the inventory items used in your database.

Item prices are used to fill in information in the Field Ticket tab of  Work Orders and for drop-down lists in the Job Type Field Ticket template:

iten master

Item Master screen

Properties tab


Example of Inventory Item Details window, Properties tab

Each Item Master item includes the following details:

  • Item Code
  • Category
  • Description
  • Short Description
  • Cost
  • Base Price
  • Status
  • Unit of Measure
  • Manage Inventory checkbox
  • Taxable checkbox
  • Open Pricing checkbox
  • Allow Negative Quantity checkbox

Manage Inventory determines whether an Item will be included on the Materials tab of a Work Order or not.  The data from these items are required to match  the field ticket and quantity used in the Operation Details.

Open Pricing, when checked, allows the Item pricing and Description to be modified by anyone who is editing or completing a Work Order, including field personnel.  It is advisable to create at least one “Miscellaneous” item with this checkbox enabled in order to allow field personnel to add items to a Field Ticket that are not defined in the Item Master.

Allow Negative Quantity will allow the user to add an Item to a Field Ticket a second time with a negative quantity.  This feature is used to add a credit for materials or services that are visible to the customer.

Reconciliation tab:


Item Details window, Reconciliation tab

The Reconciliation tab allows for further classification of items to link them to different related categories.

It includes the following fields:

  • Employee Class.
  • Asset Category.
  • Operation Detail Sequence.

Price Brackets tab:


Item Details window, Price Brackets tab


The Inventory module can be found in the Back Office tab of the Navigation Menu.

The Price Brackets can be found in the Item Master.

The Price Brackets tab provides the ability to assign each inventory item a range of prices to correspond to certain situations.

The code fields refer to the Operation Summary grid of the Operation Details tab and can be filled with a variety of variables, including:

  • Calculation Code – Determine the correct item price that will be applied in the Field Ticket report, e.g.,
    • FAVGRATE – Average of the fluid rate across the selected range
    • FPSI – Average of the pressure across the selected range
  • Quantity Code – Define the quantity in the Field Ticket report, e.g.,
    • HHP – Average hydraulic horsepower across the selected range
  • Total Units Code – Define the total units in the Field Ticket report, e.g.,
    • Hours – Sum of the hours across the selected range

Notes & Documents tabs:

This tab enables the inclusion of notes in plaintext, scanned copies of documents and any other necessary files. For details on working within this tab, see “Notes“.