Employee Classes

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Employee Classes

The Employees module can be found in the Back Office tab of the Navigation Menu.

The Employee Classes grid is used for the Classification in the Employment Data tab of the Employee details . Here, you can add, edit and delete employee classes.

employees classes

Employee Classes screen

Employee Classes enable you to define bonus rates for each employee designated under the specified class. The different types of bonuses are:

  • Standard Bonus Amount – Amount the employee will receive per Work Order assignment.
  • Additional Bonus AmountAmount the employee will receive if the hours registered on this Work Order go over the limit established as Additional Bonus Hours.
  • Additional Bonus Hours – Minimum amount of hours the employee needs to earn the Additional Bonus amount.
  • Standby Bonus Adjustment (%)Bonus reduction percentage for employees on standby.

A record of all bonuses rewarded can be found under the Bonus Tracking” module item.


Example Employee Class Window