Asset Groups

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Asset groups

The Asset Groups screen displays a list of assets and groups which are part of a group. On this screen a user can create, edit and delete asset groups and also add and remove assets from each group.

Asset Groups allow users to group a number of assets together by easily assigning all of them to a Work Order with one click:

asset group

Asset Groups screen

Create a new group by pressing the keys Ctrl+N, or by right-clicking within the grid and selecting New from the menu. Give your group a name, then click “OK” to save.

View which assets are currently in the groups on the “Group Members” tab. You can add any existing group to the crew by clicking either the “Are not members of the Group” or “All” buttons on the bottom of the screen, then clicking the checkbox in the “Is Member” column to the left of their name.
Assets can only be assigned to one group at a time.