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"Was the Work Order completed?" question

  • When my field supervisors complete a field ticket, there is a required question that asks “Was the Work Order completed within the time frame allotted?”

    I would like for there to be a way to change this question and the answers, or at least just turn it off completely. Thanks, Madeline

    Hi Madeline,

    Fortunately, there is a way to do each of those things! This is called our “Reliability” question – it asks if the Work Order was completed as the customer was expecting. Let me walk you through how to edit the question, the answers, and how to turn it off completely.

    The question itself is stored under the System Settings page in the Administration module. In the grid, look for the option named “WO_RELIABILITY_QUESTION”. By editing this value, you can set the question which appears in OFS Field to be anything you want, and it will be updated when your field supervisors perform their OFS Field synchronization.

    The answers to the question are named “Reliability Exception Codes”. The list of these can be found in the Reliability Exception Codes screen in the Setup module. You can add as many of these as you need, and activate and deactivate them as necessary.

    To not have the question show at all, simply delete or deactivate any Reliability Exception Codes from this screen. If there are no active codes, the question will not display. To adjust the values on either the System Settings screen or the Reliability Exception Codes screen requires administrative privileges.

    Hope that helps! Sincerely, Alex

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