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Thoughts After Diving In Without Knowledge

  • Hi,

    I decided to try it out as it seemed fun & interesting, I put in about two dozen hours between two accounts because I needed Morgl, who was my first main. I started enjoying Mage and shes my current main. I bought the $5 Starter Deal and 15 Basic Card packs. Anyway, here are some thoughts of the game Classes lack likability & personality which is why I had to have Morgl, he seemed like one of the few likable classes with his silly banter. I couldn’t believe some classes literally say the exact thing the Emote ‘summary word’ says, just wow. I wished a lot of the card minions were the Class heroes instead.Very little in the way of interactivity. I get the no chat option but why can’t we unlock more Emotes or even skins/portraits?

    Please help.

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