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Problem With GPS Pathfinder Pro XT

  • Hi,

    I searched for a forum specifically for Trimble product, but couldn’t find anything. Maybe somebody here is able to help.
    We have a GPS Pathfinder Pro XT unit that stopped working correctly. The problem is as follows:
    – Unit is off, battery is fully charged. When pressing the power button, all 3 lcd start blinking slowly (3 seconds rhythm, 2.9 seconds all lights are on, 0.1 seconds all lights are off). Bluetooth lcd is blue, Satellite is yellow, and Battery is red/yellow.
    – The unit can’t be switched off by pressing the power button (neither short presses nor presses longer than 5 seconds have any effect). The only way to switch the unit off is the remove the battery.
    – We tried 2 different fully charged batteries.
    – No connection can be established, neither with serial cable nor Bluetooth.
    The manual doesn’t say anything about the blinking pattern I described, and I couldn’t find any additional troubleshooting online. So basically we have a totally unreceptive unit and no idea what to do.

    Any help will be apprecited.

    I didn’t find the right solution from the Internet.

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    Thank you.

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