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Printed Tickets?

  • I was wondering if there are any other companies that use OFS and have run into this situation?  We have guys who haul equipment, but they do not always do tickets, but they have to get a ticket signed in the field once the job is performed.  Looking for ideas on how to make this work.  Right now, what we are doing is to have them go out with the pre-printed ticket we are using currently and then re-enter it into the computer.  I would like to have all the tickets look alike though, so if there is a way to make this happen that would be awesome.

    Hi rjoyner,

    Yes, we’ve had this same request from other customers. The solution is the “Print Blanks” button on the Work Order edit form – as you suggested, the guys in the field can complete the forms on paper, and then the data can be keyed in at the office.

    The “Print Blanks” button can be found next to the “Print” button on the Proposals tab of the edit form, or you can right-click the work order and select “Print Blanks” from there.

    Hope that helps! Sincerely, Alex

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