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Filter searching

  • Good morning,

    I was wondering about the way the filter search function works. I know you can change the filters to search as “starts with”, “contains” etc. How do I change which way it searches?

    Good afternoon jalston,

    To enable advanced filtering, first start by filtering a column as you normally would. After you have typed something (a single letter will do), look to the bottom right of the grid for the “Edit Filter” button.

    Click the “Edit Filter” button on the right side of the filter bar to open the Filter Editor for advanced editing. This editor allows you to specify multiple fields and ranges.

    For example, to search for Work Orders performed in 2015 with a “Cleaning” Job Type which have not been completed, it might look like the following figure:

    You can click the red words to change these to any number of operators or add new conditions or groups.

    For further information, please refer to the Filtering Grids section of the Main Window page of our OFS PRO User Guide.
    Hope this helps! Regards, Alex Gilmore

    Is there a way to default the filter to “contains” rather than starts with? Looks like it always goes back to “starts with”.

    Hi, jalston!

    We agree that this makes a lot of sense. I’m happy to say that we have included this functionality in the next release of OFS. In OFS 2.3, the quick-filter bar for data grids will automatically be set to “contains” when you begin to filter.

    I’d also like to let you know that you can filter using the % symbol, which acts like a wildcard (it will search for anything in that place). For instance, if you type “%war” in the Opportunity Status filter, it will show all Awarded opportunities. This can be used for quick filtering without the need to use the Edit Filter function. I believe this will get you what you want, as it acts like the Contains filter.

    Have a great day! Regards, Alex Gilmore

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