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Duplicates on field ticket?

  • Thanks for your answer about Labor Rates. But now I have a related question.

    We have guys who need to add more than one Misc. item on their ticket, or we might have four guys on location and they all work different amount of hours. How do I get more than one line item of the same item in the field ticket? It would be nice to show the hours that each guy worked on the ticket.

    Thanks so much for your help.

    Hi James,

    You are not able to have the exact same item on the field ticket, unless you are creating an adjustment. The reason behind this is to prevent mistakes (so you can’t duplicate a field ticket by accident).

    In the first case you mention, you could have MISC1, MISC2, etc. as item codes, so you can add multiple miscellaneous items if you need to. The same will work for the labor – simply enter each person individually into the Item Master screen under the Inventory module of the Back Office tab.

    Hope that helps! Regards, Ross

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