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CRM accounts?

  • Hi, I’m having an issue with a new user I just created for a new employee. I assigned her to the CRM Admin group, and she can view the CRM Module, but she can’t see any of the CRM accounts we have set up. Am I missing something?

    Hi James,

    In addition to adding the user to a CRM user group, that user will also need to be added as a Representative within the CRM Setup module. Make sure that the entry under “Login Name” is the same name that the user will log in with.

    The Representative form allows you to designate other representatives as “Managers” or “Delegates” of a rep. When Rep A is a delegate of Rep B, then Rep A will be able to view all accounts that Rep B can see.

    To add a Representative to an Account, open the Account’s form and add them to the Representatives grid at the bottom. You can also create new Representatives from this grid by clicking the [+] button.

    I hope that answers your question. Let me know if we can be of any further assistance for you today!

    Sincerely, Alex


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